Administrative Team

Karen Blandford, Executive Director

410-638-4434 ext. 7230


John Battista, Chief Financial Officer

410-638-4434 ext. 7233


Cathy Herlinger, Communications & Outreach Specialist


Yvette Valentin, Director of Homeowner Services

410-638-4434 ext 7242


John Lanigan, Volunteer Coordinator & AmeriCorps Host Site Manager

410-638-4434 ext. 7243


The Construction Team

Anne Hottle, Director of Acquisitions

410-638-4434 ext 7236


Dave Burja, Director of Construction

410-638-4434 ext. 7231

Phil Eichensehr, Purchasing/Warehouse Manager


Jim Diel, Site Construction Supervisor


Dwayne Coakley, Site Construction Supervisor



Roger Breedlove, Site Construction Supervisor

The Repair Program

Cara Middendorf, Repair Program Manager

410-638-4434 ext. 7237


Cathy Herlinger, Communications & Outreach Specialist


The Development Team

Megan Lally, Director of Development

410-638-4434 ext. 7240


Yvonne Golczewski, Grant Coordinator

410-638-4434 ext. 7234

Phyliss Mosca, Donor Relations Manager

410-638-4434 ext. 7238


Jessie Ingold, Event Planner

410-638-4434 ext. 7239

The ReStore Team

John Kunzelman,  ReStore Manager

443-567-7698 ext 16


Adam Letschin, ReStore Assistant Manager

443-567-7698 ext 12


Ashley Hall, Volunteer Coordinator

443-567-7698 ext 14





Shelby Tittle, Resource Development Coordinator



Naomi Mattingly, Donation Ambassador


Norm Wilson, Donation Ambassador


Habitat Susquehanna also partners with Senior Services Inc.





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