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Habitat for Humanity Susquehanna Crowdbuild 2019!

You’re invited to be part of our Revolutionary Homeownership build!

Click here to shop through the options starting at just $4.66, pick out the specific items you want to buy, and the materials are delivered directly to our build site.  


The Home Owners stories:


I come from an ordinary family of blue collar workers. Neither of my parents graduated from college nor did the majority of their siblings. Needless to say, my circle hasn’t been very interested in thinking BIG.

I am driven to be different. Click here to read the rest of her story



Looking for a better quality of life for my family, we moved back to Maryland in June 2011 leaving our loved ones back in Puerto Rico.  It was a hard decision to make, but when you need to look for better things for your children I had to make that decision. Click here to read the rest of her story