“As an Emergency Department Registered Nurse for over 35 years, a 13+ year core volunteer and longtime financial supporter of Habitat Susquehanna, I have personally seen partner families living in damp, moldy, dark basements with horrid living conditions for parents and children resulting in chronic health issues, coughs, asthma, etc. Once moved into a clean, affordable, decent Habitat home of their own, health issues improved dramatically as did their mental well-being as they all began to thrive! This isn’t a faraway place unfortunately! These situations are in our very own Harford and Cecil Counties. I committed to match the first $3,000 donated to this campaign because there are so many right around us who simply need a hand up. Please join me in supporting this campaign because decent, affordable housing truly is healthcare.”

Pat Gilligan RN. (Pictured to the far right)
Habitat of Susquehanna Core Volunteer and Supporter

Habitat also provides a Repair Program to assist with critical home repairs that enable low-income families and individuals to stay in their existing homes.

“Housing really is the foundation for health and well-being,” said Craig Pollack, a physician and professor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Learn more about how housing impacts healthcare of local communities by reading this article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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We launched our “Housing is Healthcare” campaign because through our work, we create housing security and wellness. We are partnering with entities and individuals across the community to improve health outcomes and to address root causes of both behavioral and physical health problems. Please join us in our mission of building strength, stability, and self-reliance in Harford and Cecil Counties. Habitat staff are often the first point of contact for households in need or in crisis and in light of that, over half of our staff are trained and certified by the state of Maryland in Mental Health First Aid (our tremendous thanks go out to the Cecil County Health Department for awarding grant funding for this initiative to help us complete this training).

The average cost to build a Habitat Susquehanna home increased in the last several years from approximately $160,000 to over $220,000. That is a big jump in cost, especially when only 4% of our building materials are donated. On average, we build 6 new homes each year; provide critical repairs for more than 30 low-income households; and provide financial literacy services and classes benefiting over 100 people. 

If you would like to learn more about how housing impacts health, please click here to view a recent article provided by Habitat for Humanity International.

Decent, affordable housing also plays a key role in ensuring and preserving health.

Habitat Susquehanna addresses many root causes of health issues for low-income residents of Harford and Cecil Counties through decent, affordable housing.

Housing is one of the primary social determinants of health, improves health outcomes, and reduces healthcare costs.

Lead poisoning is the most obvious example of the effect of substandard housing. Other examples include exposure to mold, cockroaches, mice which trigger asthma as well as a great chance of mental health and behavioral problems. A Children’s HealthWatch study estimated that housing instability for families with young children will result in $111 billion in avoidable health care and special education costs nationwide over 10 years. Among low-income households, moving into affordable and stable housing is associated with 18% fewer emergency medical visits and 20% more primary care visits.  This equals approximately a $580 decrease in Medicaid health care expenditures.

Habitat also provides a repair program to assist with critical home repairs that enable low-income homeowners to stay in their homes.

Our repair program addresses a range of needs including accessibility projects, and other crucial repairs. Low-income homeowners are in dire need of assistance; for most low-income homeowners there is simply no other resource to help them address home maintenance challenges. Over 60% of our repair program participants are elderly and persons with disabilities at high risk of in-home injuries that could be prevented.  The health benefits and cost savings of aging at home are significant, but older adults simply need help. 

Please consider donating and sharing our Housing is Healthcare campaign within your circles of influence.

All gifts are tax deductible and provide tiered benefits and recognition based on the level of giving starting at just $250. 

A community that is healthy, is a community that is housed. Please help us by donating and sharing our Housing is Healthcare campaign – thank you!

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