Financial Coaching

If you don’t meet the financial requirements of the Homeownership Program, you are eligible for FREE one-on-one financial coaching from our in-house coach who will go over your credit report with you, explain factors that affect your credit score, and give you the tools to regain control of your financial well-being.  

We are able to offer this program thanks to many generous sponsors including, but not limited to: 

  • APG Federal Credit Union
  • Maryland Housing Counseling Fund – Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development
  • Truist Foundation

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy Classes (Open to the public – all are welcome!)

APG Federal Credit Union (APGFCU) , in partnership with Habitat for Humanity Susquehanna, conducts FREE financial workshops at their Home Loan Center in Bel Air. 

Reservations are required. Please contact Dee Barretto at 410-612-2361 or at 

Financial Life Skills

(2024 Class dates 1/30, 4/2, 5/21, 7/9, 8/27, 10/22, 12/10)

Do you know your money personality and how it affects the choices you make?  Are you armed with the financial life skills you should have?

  • Workshop Objectives:
    • Identify various financial personalities.
    • Evaluate your financial motivators.
    • Establish financial goals.
    • Analyze financial concepts and terms.
    • Identify financial options available.

Live, Love Budget

(2024 Class dates 2/6, 4/9, 5/28, 7/16, 9/10, 10/29, 12/17) 

Do you know what it takes to build a working budget that does not deprive you?  

  • Workshop Objectives:
    • Discover the necessary links to making a wise money decision
    • Take on sound money practices
    • Practice the art of a spending plan
    • Sustain and celebrate your spending plan practices

Getting Credit in Shape

(2024 Class dates 2/13, 4/16, 6/4, 7/23, 9/17, 11/5, 1/7/25) 

How can we make credit work to our advantage?

Workshop Objectives:

    • Know when to obtain and review your credit report
    • Identify measures to build and protect your credit
    • Tell the difference between a credit report and a credit score
    • Recognize data used in forming your credit score
    • Recognize the impact credit has on your wallet
    • Identify ways to improve credit score and maintain good credit

Find Hidden Cash

(2024 Class dates 1/2, 2/20, 4/23, 6/11, 7/30, 9/24, 11/12, 1/14/25) 

Do you have a budget and still find yourself short on cash?

  • Workshop Objectives:
    • Assess causes of financial shortfalls and identify ways to prevent them.
    • Identify measures and steps to find hidden cash.
    • Identify habits and practices that will help increase your net worth.

Retirement Planning & Strengthening Financial Well-Being

(2024 Class dates 1/9, 2/27, 4/30, 6/18, 8/6, 10/1, 11/19, 1/28/25)

How ready are you for retirement?  Do you have a healthy financial well-being?

  • Workshop Objectives:
    • Identify factors that affect retirement readiness and costs.
    • Determine how to optimize Social Security benefits.
    • Identify factors that affect retirement income, decisions and peace.

Asset & Family Protection

(2024 Class dates 1/16, 3/5, 5/7, 6/25, 8/13, 10/8, 11/26, 1/28/25)

How are you preparing to protect your family and assets from possible financial risks? 

  • Workshop Objectives:
    • Explain basic insurance terms.
    • Distinguish forms of risks.
    • Determine ways to reduce risks.
    • Identify asset protection insurance. 

Reservations are required. Please contact Dee Barretto at 410-612-2361 or at