Why Volunteer?

To show support for the community

This is ODEC’s story:

With Wildcat Point Generating Facility being a new facility in Cecil County with a brand new team of employees, we felt that we had an opportunity from the start to ensure that we are part of the community. We felt that Habitat was one of the many way’s we could show our support for the community by both financially sponsoring a house / family and by having employees volunteer in the building of that house.

Our primary goal was to allow our employees to learn about the community in which they worked by supporting a much needed cause. We felt like this would give them a personal experience they could relate to and would help them all feel like they were  truly part of the community. It was great for enlightening our employees on what Habitat was about and how they could help out. Many of them got  to work side by side with Brandi and to see how appreciative she was with the opportunity that Habitat has gave her.

The volunteering also had some unintended but positive consequences by promoting team work and allowing our employees to get to know each other on a more personal level. We have only heard positive comments about the experience and everyone was very thankful for the opportunity to help out in the community. It is our desire that this is just the start of the Wildcat Point team becoming part of Cecil County and the local community. I also believe this has inspired many of the employees to volunteer in their own local communities where they live.

To enhance the lives of others

This is Chad’s story: 

Sometimes it can be difficult to spend our limited free time on anything other than our personal goals and needs.  I want to challenge myself to devote some of that free time toward improving people’s lives, and hope to inspire others to do the same.

There are tremendous opportunities around the world where we can help, but at times we overlook the opportunities that are available here in our own backyard.  By being involved in an organization such as Habitat for Humanity Susquehanna, we can address opportunities at the local level.

It is impressive how much of an impact Habitat has on individuals and families in our communities.  After getting involved with the organization as a means to give back to my community, I learned that Habitat helps individuals and families qualify for home ownership.  To help achieve one of the biggest and most important goals and responsibilities for a family, Habitat takes the time to coach applicants through a process whereby they can qualify to own a home through attractive financing.  In many cases, these new homes can help transition a family into more affordable living, safer neighborhoods, and/or more living space.

Habitat also focuses on helping people in a number of other ways.  It is humbling to see how rewarding it is for Habitat employees to witness the results of their hard work.  I appreciate the efforts of Habitat’s employees, in addition to all of the volunteers and donors who make these efforts possible.  It means a lot to be involved in an organization that brings together all different ages and types of people to work toward a common goal: enhancing the lives of others.


It’s about “The Joy and Family and Home.”

This is John’s Story:

Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity is all about family and home. I have been blessed with both, but I know others are not so lucky.

While I was growing up, I watched and then helped my dad do repairs around the house. I helped him build things, including a dock and a set of stairs. I went on to build sheds, docks, decks and furniture, as well as building and repairing structures, and electrical and plumbing systems. As my son and daughter grew up, I passed down those skills I learned from my father. My son’s dream is to eventually build his own home.

It is hard to describe the joy of working with your hands and turning stacks of raw material into a house. But, that joy is surpassed when you attend the dedication and see that house turning into a home right before your eyes. Whether the home is for one or two or nine souls, you know that you have been able to contribute to connecting a family with their own home.


To take joy in your work.

This is Donna’s story:

I have volunteered with many different organizations over the years with mixed results.  Some I ‘volunteered to volunteer’ and, while they professed to need help, they never called or found a spot for me. There were some for which I did volunteer, but I had only my head in the charity and not my heart.

When I registered for Habitat for Humanity (in part because I’d been watching too much HGTV), I found exactly what both my head and heart were looking for!  I admit that I always thought the houses were given to the recipient families.  When I learned about the level of participation on the part of the partner families, I was truly impressed with the commitment of time, energy and financial independence that these families brought to the project.


As for my heart, it was won the first day I visited one of the building sites in Aberdeen.  I [luckily] ran into Kevin, who answered my questions and made me feel both welcome and at home in a setting where I wasn’t very certain about my reception in a mostly-male dominated area.  When I ‘showed up for work’ the following week at the little house on Archer Street, I was the only female with five men.  My hair and make-up were done, earrings in place, and I’m sure they wondered what in the world I was doing there.  Instead, I found no leniency for ‘being just a girl;’ I was handed a pry bar and a hammer and asked to start removing a sub-floor.  I worked so hard that day and hurt so badly the next!  But it was the best day’s work and best hurt I’d had in a long time! I have worked a chop saw, a sawsall and my all-time favorite, the nail gun; my husband even bought me pink and black tools.  But it is working alongside of people who believe in what they are doing, believe in the goodness of people and believe in the gift of faith that keeps me going back.  Habitat has fulfilled many needs in me, and I hope I am fulfilling many needs for others.

I am temporarily out of the physical labor side of Habitat due to some shoulder surgery, but I have found my head and heart occupied with the Dream Builders’ Ball Silent Auction committee. And, once again, I have found those attached to and attracted by Habitat to be joyful people; they are full of joy from the work that they do.

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