Our Team

Board members at Community Builders Volunteer Appreciation Event, August 2022

Pictured (from left to right): Kim Beazley, Michael Lofton, Ryan Alban, Rhonda Baker, Tamara Gregory, Iesha Young, Katie York, Liz Monti (President), Ben Graham (Vice President), Derrick Grice (Board Secretary), Kathryn Bordone.

Board of Directors: Executive Committee

Liz Monti

Ben Graham
Vice President

S. Kurt Engelhaupt

Derrick Grice
Board Secretary

Board Members

Ryan Alban

Rhonda Baker

Kim Beazley

Kathryn Bordone

Tiara Emmanuel

Tamara Gregory

Mary Hines

Anthony Jones

Marilyn Rawls


Jeff West

Katie York

Iesha Young

Habitat for Humanity Susquehanna Staff

The Administrative Team

Yvonne Golczewski
Executive Director

John Battista
Chief Financial Officer
410-638-4434 ext. 7233

Cathy Herlinger
Communications Manager
410-638-4434 ext. 7235

Yvette Valentin
Director of Homeowner Services
410-638-4434 ext. 7242

John Lanigan
Development Manager & Safety Officer
410-638-4434 ext. 7239




The Construction Team

Anne Hottle
Director of Acquisitions & Financial Assistant
410-638-4434 ext. 7236

Dave Burja
Director of Construction
410-638-4434 ext. 7231

Phil Eichensehr
Purchasing/Warehouse Manager

Michele Louderback
Volunteer and Community Engagement Coordinator
410-638-4434 ext. 3

Jim Diel
Site Construction Supervisor

Roger Breedlove
Site Construction Supervisor

Tom Baker
Site Construction Supervisor


The Repair Program Team

Scott Zoeller
Repair Program Manager
410-638-4434 ext. 7237

Heather Gibson
Repair Program Specialist
410-638-4434 ext. 7241

The Development Team

Ola Boswell
Director of Development
410-638-4434 ext. 7234

Phyliss Mosca, Donor & Faith Relations Manager
410-638-4434 ext. 7238

John Lanigan
Development Manager & Safety Officer
410-638-4434 ext. 7239

Rachel Hennick
Grants Manager
410-638-4434 ext. 7240

The Aberdeen ReStore Team

John Kunzelman
Aberdeen ReStore Manager
443-567-7698 ext. 110

Adam Letschin
Aberdeen ReStore Assistant Manager
443-567-7698 ext. 112

Ashley Hall
Aberdeen ReStore Volunteer and Social Media Coordinator
443-567-7698 ext. 114

Jeremy Matthews
Resource Development Coordinator
443-567-7698 ext. 116

Naomi Mattingly
Donation Ambassador

Norm Wilson Donation Ambassador



Current AmeriCorps Members

Rene Njamnshi:
AmeriCorps National,
Repair Program Coordinator

Ben Marsh: AmeriCorps National, Construction Crew Leader

Future AmeriCorps Members:

Are you looking for a great entry-level service position that will positively impact your future? Consider serving with the Habitat for Humanity Susquehanna AmeriCorps team to experience a rewarding and fun year of service! You will gain new skills, learn about affordable housing and the impact it has on the surrounding communities, and gain insight to the inner workings of a non-profit organization through hands-on experience.

Since 1993, we have helped over a thousand families by building/rehabbing 113 homes, supporting over 100 builds abroad, repairing homes for more than 400 families, and serving greater than 600 persons through financial coaching.

Our AmeriCorps members are an integral part of our affiliate, helping us serve more families in need of affordable housing solutions. Our home office in Bel Air, MD is situated in a suburban area, 25 minutes away from many attractions with a diverse opportunity to serve and experience a “small-town” community. Join our Habitat family and help us build better communities! Apply Here! 

To learn about any current open positions, contact John Lanigan, AmeriCorps Host Site Manager (HSM), at 410-638-4434 ext. 7239 or email at jlanigan@habitatsusq.org.

Habitat Susquehanna also partners with Senior Services Inc.

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