When you become a Habitat Susquehanna HopeBuilders, you will join a special group of people who donate monthly to support Habitat Susquehanna’s mission of building strength, stability, and self-reliance through affordable housing in Cecil and Harford Counties.

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About HopeBuilders

Through monthly donations, HopeBuilders provide Habitat Susquehanna with a consistent and reliable source of funding that allows us to plan ahead and reach more families in need of decent, affordable housing.

Become a HopeBuilder today by simply entering the amount you’d like to donate, and the frequency and length of the donations in the recurring donation box to the left and enjoy:

  • Hassle-free monthly donations.
  • Automatic donation from your credit card or checking account.
  • The knowledge that your donation is put to work immediately.
  • Complete statements provided for tax purposes.
  • The ability to change or suspend your donation at any time.

Charitable Deductions

By making a donation in the form of stocks, bonds, mutual funds or other appreciated securities, you are making an investment in the future of our partner families and in our community.

As a donor, you are entitled to take a charitable deduction for the full fair-market value of appreciated securities held longer than one year, and you usually avoid paying the capital gains tax that would be due if you sold the securities.

We will provide you with a receipt for your tax records.  Typically, our agency determines your gift date by the date the securities enter our account.

To transfer your security to our agency, please contact Ola Boswell at

Thank you for your generous contribution!